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Successful People Strategy = Successful Business Strategy outcomes! 
People are an organisation’s most important assets and to understand how best to utilise them to delivery on your business goals and aspirations is imperative to create a robust People Strategy. 
A great people strategy, when created and used properly will inform, guide and drive the business strategy in order to achieve success. 
A vision is needed of where the organisation is going and what’s needed for it to get there. There is no ‘one way’ of creating a great people strategy but there are many unique elements that go into making one. 
Organisation structure, process, culture and people are all part of this and HR & Talent Management Strategies define how best to attract, recruit, engage, develop, retain and promote your people in order to deliver on your Business Strategy. 

Outsourced People and Talent Management Services 

As a growing and scaling business with goals and objectives to fulfil, all these different parts of the jigsaw are essential to the success of any People & Talent Strategy and the Recruitment Campaigns needed to achieve them.  
Have you and your teams really got the time, resources and expertise available to piece them all together? 
Enjoy the benefits of your own ‘In-House’ Talent Team in a cost effective and manageable way. Your new ‘in-house’ outsourced department will work together with all stakeholders including you, HR, Hiring managers and marketing, fully integrated as part of your company structure.  
We will provide process, technology, documentation & training without the need of an additional headcount. Let us help develop your talent strategy and end to end Recruitment Processes needed to ensure you attract, engage and retain the skills, talent and expertise you need to achieve your Company Business growth and goals. 

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment  As A Service 

Your Choice, Your Package, Your Way 
Standard or tailored and bespoke Subscription Based Packages with complete flexibility. 
Manage cashflow when scaling and growing with a fixed monthly fee 
Define the package with the elements you want and need that fits with your business. 
‘It’s like having an additional team member within your organisation without the added headcount.’ 
From the complete flexibility with a rolling Monthly Subscription Package or longer fixed term cost effective subscriptions could be the solution? 

Pivotal Partnerships Consultancy 

Perhaps the time has come for you to create your own  
In-House Talent Team but not quite sure where to start? Maybe you have some In-House resource available but wish to enhance and build on this? 
When you are ready Pivotal Partnerships can work with you; the businesses stakeholders; your Management Team, HR, Marketing etc. to take your In-House Talent Team and People Strategy to the next level.  
To talk about building your new talent team or to organise some in in-house recruitment training. To find out more:  

Career, Transition & Outplacement Solutions 

People are living and working for much longer and during an employee’s career, circumstances could change a number of times.  
People Centric Organisations can support their People and Talent Strategy, Employer Brand and Employee Engagement by offering their people coaching and outplacement services during these points of transition. This could be during periods of change and restructure within the organisation or at times of redundancy. 
Sessions can be provided on a one to one basis or group based either online or onsite. 

HR Pulse 

People are at the heart of businesses but they also provide challenges and the need to manage those people. Some SME businesses do not have the luxury of a dedicated HR Function or even if they do, they are often stretched. Pivotal Recruit recognise that the day to day management of employees is part and parcel of creating an engaged and supported culture and fundamentally forms part of people and workforce strategies. 
Therefore I have collaborated with HR Pulse which provides a fantastic Cloud based HR software solution covering all key elements of HR support in a box which can be accessed at the touch of a button 24/7. 
Some of the key functions that HR Pulse offers are: 
• Holiday and leave management system 
• HR document library (you can replace these documents with your own house documents) 
• Decision making tools which show you step-by-step how to manage your teams with ease 
• Announcements tools 
• IT support provided 
• and there's much much more. 
This cost effective and innovative solution to your daily HR management needs, underpinned by the reassurance of it being continually updated with the latest employment legislation and best practice. 
Let’s talk about how this technology can support and enhance your HR management either as a stand alone platform or as part of Pivotal Partnerships Talent Acquisition and Management solutions Drop us a line, upload your CV or book a call now.  


Employee Benefits help businesses attract, retain, and motivate their employees. They can be the difference between attracting and keeping the best people or losing out to competitors. 
Pivotal have partnered with Excellect who can show how to make a difference to your business and employees and fit your budget. 
Every business wants to be successful and profitable, but it can be a struggle if you can’t attract and retain the calibre of employee that you need. It can be hard to compete with other (sometimes larger) companies for the skilled and experienced people needed to build a successful business. 
No longer is offering a competitive salary enough as people look for more. Potential employees seek businesses with a culture that they can relate to, opportunity for career progression, flexibility when it comes to working hours and location, and employee benefits included as part of the total remuneration package. 
By offering a tailor-made employee benefit package to suit your business needs and your budget, you can increase your chances of attracting and retaining quality people. 
But what about the costs? Can we afford it? It’s a myth that employee benefits are expensive. Would you believe a Health Cash Plan for 10 employees that provides towards the costs of dental and optical treatment; the costs of chiropractors and physiotherapists; an Employee Assistance Programme offering 24/7 access to counselling about any issues e.g. financial, health or relationship worries; and a huge range of shopping discounts and offers starts from as little as £600 per year – for all 10 people! 
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