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Can you or your business afford the time, resources or the motivation to take this on? 
The average cost of a hire in the UK on an average salary could be anything from £3,000* to £4,500** (*Glassdoor **Monster) with an average of 27.5 days. 
The REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) reports that the true costs of a hire could be as much as 300% of an annual salary. 
A single Advertisement can cost anything from £70 to £240 according to Glassdoor however Oxford Economics say the average spent on advertising a role is around an average of £370! 
With a portfolio of solutions and packages to suit all requirements and budgets and representing a network of talented professionals , let Pivotal become your expert recruitment partner that can work with you, your business and your teams when you have the need to hire critical talent. 
The addition of the tools, expertise and time needed to penetrate the passive and non-active market needed to engage with all of the relevant talent pool and the costs just start to escalate and that’s without all of the time and activity around creating and executing an effective Employer Brand Strategy to ensure your business is attracting and engaging with the right talent pools in the first place! 
With an average of at least 24 hours needed to screen CV’s from applicants (even longer when applications hike such as a result of the candidate market during COVID19) and this is just for ‘active’ candidates. 
With a portfolio of solutions and packages to suit all requirements and budgets and representing a network of talented professionals , let Pivotal become your expert recruitment partner that can work with you, your business and your teams when you have the need to hire critical talent. 
Whether it is for one off critical or difficult to find talent and skills through to multiple hires during periods of growth or urgent need, 
let Pivotal provide the ‘People & Talent’ tools and expertise while you get on with delivering your business goals and objectives. 

Recruitment Services 

At the heart of every successful organisation are their people! 
As part of your People Strategy you will have different needs at different times for different skills & expertise. 
You may have a need for a permanent hire or perhaps you need specific knowledge and expertise for a specific length of time or particular project? 
Pivotal Recruit can support your organisation if you need that next permanent person or Interim Consultant for that critical project. 

Permanent Recruitment 

There is nothing more crucial than a permanent hire into your business. In general in the UK nearly half of all new hires don’t make it to 18 months in their new roles! 
With the true cost of a bad hire equating to over 300% of that hire’s salary, don’t take any chances, schedule a call now to discuss how Pivotal’s Solutions can support your Talent Strategy. 

Why work with Pivotal Recruit to source your next Permanent Hire? 

100% dedicated, committed & qualified professional with appropriate strategies & methodologies to complete a thorough job to get the ‘right’ person for you taking the focus off speed and back on quality. 
Maintain the credibility and brand of your business. 
Free up time to ‘get on with your day job’ 
With an option to suit all size of organisation, budget & need, Pivotal Recruit has the solution you need to secure your next permanent hire. 
Book some time to discuss now. 

Interim Contractor / Consultants 

With disruption, growth and change well and truly on the Agenda for lots of organisations, there is often an immediate need for help with their workforce on major strategic strategies and projects. 
The hiring of an Interim Contractor / Consultant can often solve that need for very specific skills and expertise that is perhaps not required on a full time or long term basis. 

Why you should consider working with an Interim Contractor / Consultant 

Organisations today have a multitude of complex people challenges. Whether it’s navigating a problematic ER case, implementing a new payroll system, undertaking a pay review, expanding your business through a merger and acquisition or responding to a large change programme through Organisational Design. During these challenges, the day job doesn’t go away and the challenge won’t be there permanently. The engagement of an Interim Consultant could be the solution. An Interim will hit the ground running, be well placed to utilise their significant expertise and influence to help resolve your challenge, leaving you to get on with what you need to be doing, with the knowledge that you are in safe hands. 
An Interim can be engaged quickly which is often essential, particularly with time-sensitive challenges. Coming with a previous track record and recommendations, an Interim Consultant can make an immediate impact and continue to do so for as long or as short a period of time is necessary, with the ability to turn on and off this expertise according to the business needs and the reality is, using an Interim is a really cost-effective and efficient way of gaining the expertise and skills you need in the business quickly and for only as long as you need. 
Time waits for no-one as the saying goes. No longer will advertising on job boards or trawling a CV database come up with the goods and these processes can take a toll on time and resources in the business, especially at times of disruption and challenge this is not what you need! 
Pivotal Recruit has an extensive database of Professionals providing interim and contract services and providing the right individual for your specific needs is what we do, utilising that network of senior-level professionals to source you the very best available talent. 
Recommendation and referral is how Pivotal Recruit works for both our services and the talent pool we work with. Check out the reviews from clients and candidates. 
If you are a company with just this sort of challenge at the moment or an Professional looking for that next opportunity and would like to join Pivotal’s Talent Pool schedule an initial call on my calendar, drop me a line today! 
I have known Tracey Clay for nearly 15 years. I have worked with Tracey on a number of occasions over ten years as both a client and a candidate. 
As a client I have always been impressed with her honesty and integrity. I have recruited from Tracey in a couple of different organisations that I have worked for. She has adapted to meet my needs as a client but also managed my expectations accordingly. More than once I have been told I will not get what I want for the money I was offering. Tracey is also very proactive and works with clients to find solutions that are suitable for all parties. 
I always feel better about recruitment on either side of the table knowing that Tracey is in my phone. 
Marty McAuley, Senior Manager and Happy Client! 
I worked with Tracey on a Payroll role that we had struggled to fill directly. The experience from start to finish was brilliant and I cannot recommend Tracey enough for any recruitment needs. Tracey alleviated the stresses of the recruitment process, taking on CV screening, shortlisting and primary interviews. The video interviewing Tracey used made recruiting for this essential role possible during lock down which has had a massively positive impact for the Payroll team who were able to fill their role as quickly as possible. The fact that all candidates looked comfortable and confident during their video interviews is a testament to Tracey's skills as an experienced recruiter. Tracey made sure myself and the recruiting manager were kept up to date throughout the process and was always on hand to answer any queries we may have had. Will definitely be coming to Tracey again for any future recruitment needs! Thank you Pivotal! 
Francesca Scozzafava, Associate Director of HR 
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